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Modern Cubicle Workstation for Office


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Introducing our innovative Cubicle Workstation for office – the Desking Workstation with Loop Leg Triangular design, tailored for collaborative office spaces.


1. Collaborative Design: Curvilinear workstation for 4 people, promoting teamwork and interaction.
2. Sturdy Frame: 50mm x 50mm CRCA powder-coated frame ensures durability and stability.
3. Privacy Screen: 4mm lacquered glass sandwiched for added strength, maintaining privacy.
4. Efficient Cable Management: M.S. Powder Coated Box Provision below worktop for organized cable routing.
5. Ample Storage: Equipped with drawers and shutters for easy access to office supplies and documents.
6. Durable Worktop: 25mm thick with 2mm PVC Edge Banding Tape for a polished look and protection.
7. Wire Manager Provision: Back-to-back sharing configuration with wire management for a clutter-free workspace.
8. Spacious Dimensions: Size of 2400mm (L) x 2800mm (W) x 1065mm (H) for comfort and productivity.
9. Personalization Options: Chairs available separately in Mesh, Fabric, PVC, and Leather choices.

Elevate your office productivity and style with our Desking Workstation.

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Modern Cubicle Workstation for Office | Desking Workstation

Introducing our Modern Cubicle Workstation for Office – the Desking Workstation with a unique Loop Leg Triangular design, perfect for collaborative workspaces accommodating up to 4 people. This curvilinear workstation is designed to enhance productivity, promote collaboration, and create a stylish and efficient office environment.

Our Cubicle Workstation features a sturdy frame with dimensions of 50mm x 50mm, constructed from high-quality CRCA powder-coated material. The robust frame ensures long-lasting durability and stability, providing a reliable foundation for your team’s daily tasks.

Privacy is essential in a busy office setting, and we’ve got you covered with our thoughtfully designed Privacy Screen. Made from 4mm thick lacquered glass, the screen offers a sleek and modern appearance while maintaining privacy and reducing distractions. The sandwiched glass structure adds to the strength and aesthetics of the workstation.

We understand the importance of cable management and organization in a productive office. That’s why our Cubicle Workstation comes equipped with a M.S. Powder Coated Box Provision below the worktop, creating a convenient raceway for managing cables and wires, keeping the workspace neat and clutter-free.

Storage is a key consideration in any office setup, and our Desking Workstation delivers. It features drawers and shutters, providing ample space to keep essential office supplies, documents, and personal items within easy reach.

Say goodbye to cluttered desks and hello to a tidy and efficient workspace.

The worktop of our Cubicle Workstation is 25mm thick, ensuring a sturdy and stable surface for your team’s tasks. It is adorned with a 2mm PVC Edge Banding Tape, providing a clean and finished look while protecting the edges from wear and tear. The worktop also includes a thoughtful Wire Manager Provision, enabling easy organization and management of wires and cables, promoting a safer and more efficient workspace.

The dimensions of our Desking Workstation are carefully planned to optimize productivity and comfort. With a size of 2400mm (L) x 2800mm (W) x 1065mm (H), each individual gets ample space to focus and collaborate effectively. The back-to-back sharing configuration fosters teamwork and synergy, making it an ideal choice for team-based projects.

Please note that the chairs and laptop computers shown in the picture are for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the workstation’s price. However, you can purchase chairs separately from our wide range of options, including Mesh, Fabric, PVC, and Leather choices. We believe in providing flexibility, allowing you to customize your workspace to suit your team’s preferences and needs.

In conclusion, our Modern Cubicle Workstation with Loop Leg Triangular design is the perfect addition to your office space, providing a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and practicality. Boost productivity, foster collaboration, and create a conducive work environment with this innovative workstation.

Invest in your team’s success and elevate your office to new heights with our Desking Workstation.

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