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Furniture Lelo’s Desking Linear Workstation For Office (White)


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Introducing the Desking Linear Workstation, a versatile addition perfect for modern office settings. Crafted meticulously, this workstation offers:

Key Features:

  1. Ample Workspace: With dimensions measuring 2400 mm x 600 mm x 1050 mm (H), it provides an expansive and functional work area.
  2. Durability at its Core: The 25mm thick worktop, enhanced with PVC edge banding, ensures lasting durability and resilience.
  3. Organized Storage: Equipped with a 2 x 3 drawer pedestal, each lockable, offering secure and organized storage solutions.
  4. Elegant Design: The workstation features a sleek combination of frosty white and gothic grey, complemented by an 8mm lacquered glass screen, adding a touch of style to your workspace.
  5. Robust Construction: Crafted from MS square pipe and powder-coated for sturdiness, providing a stable and long-lasting framework.
  6. Customizable Options: Please note, chairs or laptops shown in the imagery are available separately, offering a diverse range of choices in materials and designs.

This workstation is meticulously designed to foster productivity and sophistication within your office environment, offering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

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Furniture Lelo’s Desking Linear workstation For Office (White)

Introducing our Desking Linear Workstation tailored for the modern office environment, radiating an aura of sophistication and efficiency.

This sleek and versatile workstation, designed in a contemporary white finish, seamlessly integrates style with functionality to elevate your workspace. The size dimensions, measuring 2400 mm x 600 mm x 1050 mm (H), offer an expansive work area to accommodate various tasks, promoting productivity and collaborative efforts.

Crafted with precision, the 25mm thick worktop adorned with PVC edge banding not only ensures durability but also adds a touch of refinement.

The frosty white and gothic grey hues of the Action Tesa PLPB contribute to a calming and professional atmosphere, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your office.

The Desking Linear Workstation is more than just a desk; it’s a comprehensive solution for your organizational needs. The 2 x 3 drawer pedestal, complete with a secure lock mechanism, provides ample storage space for files and essentials, keeping your workspace organized and clutter-free.

Enhancing the functionality further is the thoughtfully designed 8mm lacquered glass screen with a white bracket, offering privacy without compromising the open and collaborative office ambiance.

The integration of MS square pipe, powder-coated for durability, ensures a sturdy and stable structure, promising longevity and reliability in your daily operations.

Please note, that the chairs or laptop computers displayed in the product image are not included in the price, offering you the flexibility to choose from our extensive range of mesh, fabric, PVC, and leather options available for separate purchase. This customization allows you to tailor your workspace according to your unique preferences and requirements.

Invest in the future of your office with the Desking Linear Workstation – where form meets function, and every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance your work experience.

Transform your office into a space that reflects professionalism, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Elevate your work environment with furniture designed to inspire and optimize productivity.

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