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Furniture Lelo’s Computer Keyboard Tray Without Mouse Tray ( Black )


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Upgrade your typing experience with the sleek Black Computer Keyboard Tray Without Mouse Tray. This ergonomically designed tray is perfect for enhancing your workspace comfort and efficiency.

key features :

  • Smooth and Silent Movement: Enjoy quiet and smooth sliding action with its advanced keyboard slides.
  • Angled Hand Rest: Unique design prevents fatigue during extended typing sessions.
  • Flexible Extension: Offers a 200mm extension for added workspace convenience.
  • Pencil Compartment: Includes a dedicated space to keep your pencil handy.
  • Detachable Tray: Easy-to-use latches for quick detachment from the slides.
  • Pressure Locks: Ensures stability, even when extended, with special pressure locks.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: Supports up to 12kgs effortlessly.
  • Stylish Black Finish: Sleek design integrates seamlessly with various desk setups.

Elevate your work environment and typing comfort with this efficient and versatile Keyboard Tray!

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Furniture Lelo’s Computer Keyboard Tray Without Mouse Tray ( Black )

Enhance your workspace ergonomics with our Computer Keyboard Tray Without Mouse Tray in sleek black, a functional addition designed to elevate your typing experience.

Crafted for smooth and silent operation, the keyboard slides move quietly, ensuring seamless functionality. Its unique angled hand rest is a standout feature, meticulously crafted to mitigate fatigue during prolonged typing sessions, promoting a more comfortable and efficient work environment.

This innovative tray offers the convenience of a 200mm extension, providing ample space and flexibility for your typing needs. Additionally, it incorporates a dedicated compartment designed specifically for your pencil, enabling you to keep essential tools within easy reach for improved productivity.

The detachable tray, equipped with latches, ensures easy handling and installation, allowing you to customize your workspace effortlessly.

Boasting special pressure locks at the extended position, this keyboard tray guarantees stability and reliability, even under maximum load, supporting up to 12kgs.

Its sleek black finish not only adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace but also ensures its seamless integration with various desk setups.

Whether for office or home use, this keyboard tray is a versatile and practical solution for creating a more ergonomic and efficient work area tailored to your needs. Elevate your typing experience today with our Computer Keyboard Tray Without Mouse Tray in Black.

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