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Kids Study Table with Drawers in Azure Blue Color

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Enhance your child’s study area with our stylish and functional Kids Study Table with Drawers in Azure Blue Color. This study table is designed for maximum class and functionality, with a minimal footprint and maximum space utilization. The vibrant Azure Blue color against an ivory white base adds a delightful touch to your child’s room.


  • Material: Crafted with high-grade particle board and thicker shutter grade laminate for durability.
  • Size: Dimensions of H 29.5 x W 47.2 x D 21.6 inches provide a spacious surface area for studying and organizing materials.
  • Storage: Features a built-in bookshelf, shuttered cabinets, and a spacious drawer for storing books, stationery, and study essentials.
  • Safety: Rounded corners and edges ensure safety for children.
  • Stylish Design: Unique flower and petal-shaped knobs add a playful charm to the table, making it the centerpiece of any room.

Create a productive and appealing study environment for your child with our Kids Study Table with Drawers in Azure Blue Color.

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Kids Study Table with Drawers in Azure Blue Color

Transform your child’s study area into a captivating space with our remarkable Kids Study Table with Drawers in Azure Blue Color. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this study set combines style and functionality to elevate your child’s learning experience.

Crafted from high-grade particle board and featuring thicker shutter grade laminate, this study table ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.

The sturdy construction and robust materials guarantee that it can withstand the daily rigors of studying and activities, providing a reliable workspace for years to come.

With generous dimensions of H 29.5 x W 47.2 x D 21.6 inches, this study table offers an expansive surface area for your child to spread out their books, notebooks, and study essentials.

The ample space promotes a clutter-free environment, allowing your child to focus and concentrate on their tasks effectively.

One of the standout features of this study table is its intelligent storage solutions. The large functional desk provides a combination of open and covered spaces, ensuring easy access to frequently used items while maintaining a tidy appearance.

The built-in bookshelf allows for convenient storage and display of books, while the shuttered cabinets keep your child’s belongings meticulously organized. Moreover, the spacious drawer beneath the table offers additional storage space for miscellaneous items, keeping the workspace neat and tidy.

Safety is of utmost importance, which is why this study table is designed with rounded corners and edges. This thoughtful feature ensures the safety of your child, providing peace of mind as they engage in their study sessions. The uniquely designed flower and petal-shaped knobs add a delightful touch, making this study table the focal point of any room and inspiring your child’s creativity.

Create a captivating and productive study space with our exceptional Kids Study Table with Drawers in Azure Blue Color, where they can unleash their potential and embark on an exciting educational journey.

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