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Furniture Lelo’s Amigo Black Medium Back chair


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Experience the Amigo Black Medium Back chair, a sophisticated blend of comfort and functionality.

This chair offers:

  1. Adjustable Arm: Tailor the armrests to your preferred position for personalized comfort.
  2. Sturdy Build: Equipped with a robust nylon base for stability and durability.
  3. Smooth Mobility: Effortlessly move across various surfaces with the 50mm Twin Wheel Castors.
  4. Versatile Functionality: The single lock mechanism provides flexible recline options for your comfort.
  5. Mesh + Fabric Upholstery: A fusion of style and breathability, ensuring a cool and comfortable seating experience.

Elevate your workspace with this chair, designed to offer comfort, support, and a touch of sophistication to your office or home office setup.

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Furniture Lelo’s Amigo Black Medium Back chair Specifications:

Introducing our Amigo Black Medium Back chair, a refined seating solution blending elegance, comfort, and adaptability. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this chair encapsulates ergonomic design principles to offer an elevated seating experience.

Tailor your comfort with the adjustable arm feature, allowing you to customize the chair’s position to suit your preferences, providing optimal support during extended work hours.

The sturdy nylon base, coupled with the smooth 50mm Twin Wheel Castors, ensures stability and effortless mobility across various surfaces, enhancing flexibility and maneuverability.

With its single lock mechanism, this chair offers enhanced versatility, allowing you to adjust the recline angle or lock it in an upright position, catering to your varied seating needs.

The innovative mesh and fabric upholstery combination not only adds a touch of sophistication but also facilitates adequate airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout extended usage.

Designed to meet Furniture Lelo’s stringent quality standards, the Amigo Black Medium Back chair boasts durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for both professional and home office environments. It’s not just a chair; it’s an investment in your productivity, well-being, and workspace aesthetics.

Unleash sophistication and ergonomic excellence with the Amigo Black Medium Back chair from Furniture Lelo, a symbol of refined style and functional design. Elevate your workspace, redefine comfort, and make a statement with this versatile and elegant seating solution.

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